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Aspire - Flexus AIO Replacement Pod

by Aspire
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Aspire Flexus AIO Pods

Product Description:

The Aspire Flexus AIO pods are designed specifically for the Flexus AIO pod vape kit, offering a versatile and convenient vaping experience. With a capacity of up to 2ml of e-liquid and compatibility with Aspire AF coils, these pods cater to both MTL (Mouth To Lung) and RDTL (Restricted Direct To Lung) vaping styles.


  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity: Each pod can hold up to 2ml of your favorite e-liquid, providing ample capacity for extended vaping sessions.
  • Replaceable Push-Fit Coils: The pods feature a user-friendly push-fit coil design, making coil replacement quick and hassle-free.
  • Coil Compatibility: Compatible with Aspire AF coils available in 0.6 Ohm and 1.0

Ohm resistances, allowing for customizable vaping experiences:

  • 0.6 Ohm Coil: Ideal for RDTL vaping, providing a looser inhale and increased vapor production.
  • 1.0 Ohm Coil: Perfect for MTL vaping, offering a tighter draw that mimics the sensation of smoking a cigarette.
  • Top-Filling Design: Easy and convenient top-filling mechanism for mess-free refills. Simply remove the mouthpiece to access the fill port.
  • Optimal Performance: Best used with 50% VG or higher PG e-liquids for optimal flavor and vapor production.

Usage Instructions:

Filling the Pod:

  • Remove the mouthpiece from the pod.
  • Fill the pod with up to 2ml of e-liquid through the top-fill port.
  • Reattach the mouthpiece securely.

Changing the Coil:

  • Pull out the old coil from the pod.
  • Insert a new Aspire AF coil by pushing it into place.
  • Ensure the coil is seated properly for optimal performance.

Selecting E-Liquids:

  • For MTL vaping with the 1.0 Ohm coil, use e-liquids with a 50% VG or higher PG ratio.
  • For RDTL vaping with the 0.6 Ohm coil, higher VG e-liquids are recommended for better vapor production.

Package Contents:

  • Aspire Flexus AIO Pods: Pack of replacement pods for the Flexus AIO pod vape kit.


The Aspire Flexus AIO pods provide a versatile and user-friendly solution for vapers using the Flexus AIO pod vape kit. With options for both MTL and RDTL vaping, a top-filling design, and easy coil replacement, these pods are perfect for a customizable and enjoyable vaping experience.

Whether you prefer a tight draw that mimics smoking or a looser inhale with more vapor, the Flexus AIO pods cater to your needs with their high compatibility and performance.