Youde UD Stainless Steel 316L Wire

by UD

Youde UD Nichrome Wire

Introducing UD Nichrome Wires, a convenient way to implement nichrome wire in your everyday building arsanal. Nichrome is a wire material that uses a blend of nickel and chrome and has a lower resistance per inch than kanthal at the same gauges, allowing mechanical mod users to achieve higher wattages from the same builds. Thus, it heats up faster and designed to bring massive turbulent clouds when paired with today's top RDAs.

UD Nichrome Wire Features:

24 AWG * 10mm - Nichrome - 0.5mm
26 AWG * 10mm - Nichrome - 0.4mm

This product is for advanced users only. It consists of risk of damaging your mods, devices, and batteries if it is being used improperly. Please make sure that you have great understanding and have done researches on this product before purchasing.