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Twister E-Liquid (30ml 3x10ml) By Psycho Bunny & Eco Vape

Psycho Bunny

Twister E-Liquid (30ml 3x10ml) By Psycho Bunny & Eco Vape


The Eco Vape Psycho Bunny line of E-Liquids was made to provide sweet, smooth and delicious vape hits with a twist. Eco Vape Psycho Bunny Twister E-Liquid is no different, as it aims to remind you of those hot summer days where there was nothing better than a sweet citrus lolly. Providing a blast of twist of sweet and zesty citrus fruits with every hit, this e-liquid is perfect for any time you're in need of a sweet, smooth and refreshing vape session.

About Eco Vape

Eco Vape are a UK based company that's committed to providing vapers with the highest quality, best value E-Liquid that is sure to satisfy even the most seasoned and picky vapers. They manufacture TPD compliant E-Liquid in the UK to the highest standards.
Flavour Profile of Eco Vape Psycho Bunny Twister E-Liquid

Packed with citrus flavour and smooth, refreshing goodness, this e-liquid gives you a a tasty twist of lemon and lime for a unique vaping sensation.

Psycho Bunny Twister E-Liquid has a combination of 80/20 (VG/PG) for a smooth and sweet hit that creates huge clouds and leaves your throat feeling fresh.

Psycho Bunny Well Baked is supplied in a box containing three 10ml bottles for a total of 30ml of e-liquid.

Psycho Bunny is available in 3mg and 6mg strengths.

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