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Mojo Disposable Vape Pod - 20mg 1.2ml

by Mojo

Mojo Disposable 20mg Nic Salt E-Cigarette Pod Kit

Each Mojo Pod Device is pre-filled with 1.2mL of salt nic vape juice designed to replicate the feel of inhaling a cigarette. With 1.2mL of 2.0% (20MG) vape juice inside, the Mojo stick is equal to approximately 20 cigarettes. This device is draw activated, to use the Mojo simply puff on the mouthpiece to fire the device and inhale to deliver a potent blast of vape smoke.

Flavour Profiles

Ice Pineapple - A sweet taste of tropical paradise, Mojo Ice Pineapple transports you to a lush island with its refreshing pineapple citrus flavour. Juicy pineapple taste is complimented by a hint of cooling menthol, providing a refreshing tropical fruit flavour on every puff. If you enjoy tropical flavours then Ice Pineapple is the perfect Mojo for you!

Cool Melon - If you're a fan of refreshing fruit flavours then this is the perfect Mojo for you! Freshly sliced and ripe honeydew flavours rush through your mouth with every puff while a blast of icy menthol cools you down on the inhale. A great for the summertime!

Menthol - A refreshing cool blast of minty spearmint infused with an icy menthol finish that will have you thinking twice whether you just took a vape hit or menthol cough drop. Each puff is just as refreshing as the next, especially during the summer time.

Lemon Dessert - The sweet taste of freshly baked yellow cake with tangy lemon zest. Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with delicious this Lemon Dessert Mojo. A combination of sweet vanilla, buttery yellow cake, and freshly grated lemon zest. If you love dessert flavours then the Lemon Dessert Mojo is a great choice!

Classic Tobacco - Are you craving the flavour of real cigarettes but can't find an electronic cigarette that's right for you? The classic tobacco Mojo is perfect with its bold Turkish blend, which accurately recreates the sensation of smoking a full flavored cigarette, quitting cigarettes is easier than ever!

Sold as a single, disposable pod kit