Custard Dynasty (50ml Short Fill) By The Brew Bros


Custard Dynasty (50ml Short Fill) By The Brew Bros

This custard takes hail from one of our Scottish friends bringing down Caramel Shortcake. It’s so rich, creamy and finished off with a biscuit and caramel touch, it’s just simply divine!  Deserved of the title Dynasty.  I’m sure if the queen or any of the royal family decided to have a go.  They would agree!

Maybe slightly ego talking there but honestly, we hate custard vapes, we stick to fruit, this, however, has changed our opinion somewhat.  As much as Cap v1 is part of this recipe, the extra factors we’ve added have made this a recipe that is close to the top of our lists of enjoyment. Coming from two fruit fanatics this is something else.

This is the flagship custard recipe of the originals range, and a lot of work went into this to make it what it is today.  We truly hope that you enjoy this recipe creation as much as we do.  The people testing the recipe has 100% feedback also.

50ml Shortfill 

To add nicotine please add 1x18mg to make 3mg

Includes Free Nicotine