Black Reserve (50ml Short Fill) By The Brew Bros


Black Reserve (50ml Short Fill) By The Brew Bros

This is a powerful little number from The Brews Bros. It’s our flagship tobacco recipe, it’s packed with flavour!

Tobacco is seen to be something to get off.  However, the flavour of tobacco juices proves they have a place in the market.  We feel that we have come up with something special.

Black Reserve uses two types of tobacco blended into one concentrate, giving you a multitude of complexity as this recipe steeps. There are touches of cream and honey which make this tobacco vape a smooth dark pipe tobacco vape.  Then you get the cream and honey hints through which round this off perfectly to be one of my favourite ADV’s.

Inspiration came from an old guy at the pub, he was puffing away on his pipe and he explained what he could taste.  The thought intrigued us.  We then got to work 6 months ago to get this to where it is now. We’re extremely happy with the recipe and we are sure you will be too.

50ml Shortfill 

To add nicotine please add 1x18mg to make 3mg

Includes Free Nicotine